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Conference Cold Spring Harbor Symposium on Quantitative Biology (Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.) (76th : 2011)
Title Metabolism and disease / meeting organized by Terri Grodzicker, David Stewart, and Bruce Stillman.
Published [Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.] : Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2011.
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Description xviii, 422 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 28 cm.
Series Cold Spring Harbor symposia on quantitative biology ; v. 76
Cold Spring Harbor symposia on quantitative biology (Series) ; v. 76.
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Contents Bioenergetic origins of complexity and disease / D.C. Wallace -- Nuclear receptors and AMPK : resetting metabolism / W. Fan, M. Downes, A. Atkins, R. Yu, and R.M. Evans -- Rethinking the regulation of cellular metabolism / C.B. Thompson -- The time of metabolism : NAD+, SIRT1, and the circadian clock / M.M. Bellet, R. Orozco-Solis, S. Sahar, K. Eckel-Mahan, and P. Sassone-Corsi -- The mammalian circadian timing system : synchronization of peripheral clocks / C. Saini, D.M. Suter, A. Liani, P. Gos, and U. Schibler -- Circadian epigenomic remodeling and hepatic lipogenesis : lessons from HDAC3 / Z. Sun, D. Feng, L.J. Everett, A. Bugge, and M.A. Lazar -- Estrogen-related receptor [alpha], the molecular clock, and transcriptional control of metabolic outputs / V. Giguère, C.R. Dufour, L.J. Eichner, G. Deblois, and N. Cermakian -- Circadian clocks in fuel harvesting and energy homeostasis / K.M. Ramsey and J. Bass -- Gamete formation resets the aging clock in yeast / E. Ünal and A. Amon -- Sirtuins, aging, and metabolism / L. Guarente -- The heat shock response : systems biology of proteotoxic stress in aging and disease / R.I. Morimoto -- Skeletal muscle stem cells : effects of aging and metabolism on muscle regenerative function / Y.C. Jang, M. Sinha, M. Cerletti, C. Dall'Osso, and A.J. Wagers -- The C. elegans DAF-2 insulin-like receptor is abundantly expressed in the nervous system and regulated by nutritional status / K.D. Kimura, D.L. Riddle, and G. Ruvkun -- Surviving starvation : essential role of the Ghrelin-growth hormone axis / J.L. Goldstein, T.-j. Zhao, R.L. Li, D.P. Sherbet, G. Liang, and M.S. Brown -- Transcriptional and posttranscriptional control of cholesterol homeostasis by liver X receptors / P. Tontonoz -- Roles of FGF19 in liver metabolism / S. Kir, S.A. Kliewer, and D.J. Mangelsdorf -- A new approach to an old problem : synthetic biology tools for human disease and metabolism / D.R. Burrill, P.M. Boyle, and P.A. Silver -- Adenosine monophosphate activated protein kinase : a central regulator of metabolism with roles in diabetes, cancer, and viral infection / D.G. Hardie -- Regulated histone methyltransferase and demethylase complexes in the control of genes by nuclear receptors / A. Yokoyama, R. Fujiki, F. Ohtake, and S. Kato -- Transcriptional control of cardiac fuel metabolism and mitochondrial function / T.C. Leone and D.P. Kelly -- Metabolic specialization of mouse embryonic stem cells / J. Wang, P. Alexander, S.L. McKnight -- On acetyl-CoA as a gauge of cellular metabolic state / L. Cai and B.P. Tu -- Nutrient-dependent acetylation controls basic regulatory metabolic switches and cellular reprogramming / J.E. Dominy, Z. Gerhart-Hines, and P. Puigserver -- Control of glycolysis through regulation of PFK1 : old friends and recent additions / I. Mor, E.C. Cheung, and K.H. Vousden -- ENTPD5, an endoplasmic reticulum UDPase, alleviates ER stress induced by protein overloading in AKT-activated cancer cells / Z. Shen, S. Huang, M. Feng, and X. Wang -- MicroRNAs in metabolism and metabolic diseases / V. Rottiers, S.H. Najafi-Shoushtari, F. Kristo, S. Gurumurthy, L. Zhong, Y. Li, D.E. Cohen, R.E. Gerszten, N. Bardeesy, R. Mostoslavsky, and A. M. Näär -- Metabolomics in drug target discovery /J.D. Rabinowitz, J.G. Purdy, L. Vastag, T. Shenk, and E. Koyuncu -- Transcriptional networks controlling adipocyte differentiation / R. Siersbæk and S. Mandrup -- Adiponectin, adiponectin receptors, and epigenetic regulation of adipogenesis / T. Kadowaki, T. Yamauchi, H. Waki, M. Iwabu, M. Okada-Iwabu, and M. Nakamura -- SIRT3 regulates mitochondrial protein acetylation and intermediary metabolism / M.D. Hirschey, T. Shimazu, J.-Y. Huang, B. Schwer, and E. Verdin -- Regulation of male fertility by bone / G. Karsenty -- Regulation of glycolysis and gluconeogenesis by acetylation of PKM and PEPCK / Y. Xiong, Q-Y. Lei, S. Zhao, and K-L. Guan -- NAD+ as a signaling molecule modulating metabolism / C. Cantó and J. Auwerx -- Cancer cell metabolism / R.A. Cairns, I. Harris, S. McCracken, and T.W. Mak -- Extracellular matrix regulation of metabolism and implications for tumorigenesis / A.R. Grassian, J.L. Coloff, and J.S. Brugge -- Metabolic pathway alterations that support cell proliferation / M.G. Vander Heiden, S.Y. Lunt, T.L. Dayton, B.P. Fiske, W.J. Israelsen, K.R. Mattaini, N.I. Vokes, G. Stephanopoulos, L.C. Cantley, C.M. Metallo, and J.W. Locasale -- Cancer and altered metabolism : potential importance of hypoxia-inducible factor and 2-oxoglutarate-dependent dioxygenases / W.G. Kaelin, Jr. -- Regulation of metabolism by hypoxia-inducible factor 1 / G.L. Semenza -- mRNA translation and energy metabolism in cancer : the role of the MAPK and mTORC1 pathways / I. Topisirovic and N. Sonenberg -- Therapeutic targeting of Myc-reprogrammed cancer cell metabolism / C.V. Dang -- Integration of apoptosis and metabolism / C.H. Yi, H. Vakifahemtoglu-Norberg, J. Yuan -- Autophagy, stress, and cancer metabolism : what doesn't kill you makes you stronger / R. Mathew and E. White -- Autophagy in protein and organelle turnover / N. Mizushima -- Back to the future : molecular biology meets metabolism / S. McKnight.
Summary "The Symposium aimed to integrate a very broad field of investigative effort, bringing together advances in our understanding of energy intake, consumption, and storage (diet, exercise, and fat), oxygen regulation and hypoxia, circadian rhythms, and life span/aging. The Symposium explored metabolism at molecular (gene expression, posttranslational modifications, protein turnover, cofactors and integrators, hormones, and signals), organellar (mitochondria), cellular, organ system (cardiovascular, bone), and organismal (timing and life span) scales. Diseases impacted by metabolic imbalance or dysregulation that were covered in detail included diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and cancer. New and emerging technologies were presented for simultaneous monitoring of hundreds of metabolites that allow for sophisticated sampling of the metabolic state of cells. Because the Symposium covered such a broad field, by necessity much excellent work could not be included, and instead, the Proceedings should be viewed as a necessarily eclectic collection of some of the most interesting and stimulating work that came to the organizers' attention during the 18 months before the meeting"--P. XV.
Subject Metabolism -- Congresses.
Bioenergetics -- Congresses.
Cell metabolism -- Congresses.
Energy metabolism -- Regulation -- Congresses.
Diseases -- Causes and theories of causation -- Congresses.
Related Names Grodzicker, Terri.
Stewart, David J. (David Johnston)
Stillman, Bruce.
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.
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