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Title Encyclopedia of the Jewish diaspora [electronic resource] : origins, experiences, and culture / M. Avrum Ehrlich, editor.
Published Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, c2009.
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Description 1 online resource (3 v.) : ill., maps.
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index.
Contents v. 1. Themes and Phenomena of the Jewish Diaspora -- Introduction: The Need and Usefulness of Diaspora Studies -- The Concept of Diaspora in Biblical Literature -- The Concept of Diaspora in Talmudic Thought -- Diaspora in the Hellenistic Period -- Symbols of the Diaspora -- Liturgy in the Diaspora -- The Concept of Exile and Diaspora in Sephardi Thought -- Lurianic Kabbalah and the Idea of the Diaspora -- Communication in the Premodern Jewish Diaspora -- The Concept of Diaspora and Exile in German-Jewish Literature and Art -- The Concept of Sephardi and the Ashkenazi in German-Jewish and German Anti-Semitic Thought -- The Concept of Diaspora in the Thought of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik -- Jewry as an Archetypical Diaspora -- Jewish Self-Hatred -- Diaspora, Exile, and Jewish Identity -- Jews and Judaism in Ancient World Literature -- History of Jews as a Minority -- The Lost Tribes of Israel -- The Samaritan Diaspora -- History of the Karaite Diaspora -- History of Jewish Persecution and Expulsion -- Varieties of Anti-Semitism -- Literary Anti-Semitism -- Western Democracies and the Holocaust -- Euro-Arab Anti-Semitism -- The New Anti-Semitism -- The Dissemination of Early Christianity beyond the Jewish Diaspora -- Jewish Diaspora and the Spreading of Christianity -- Jewish Influence on the Formation of the Christian Scriptures -- History of Judeo-Christian Communities in the Jewish Diaspora -- Islamization and Jews in the Medieval Middle East -- Christian-Jewish Dialogue: 18th Century -- Contemporary Judeo-Christian Communities in the Jewish Diaspora -- Jewish-Islamic Mutual Influences -- The Widespread Phenomena of Marranism and Hidden Jews -- Brazilian Marranism -- Characteristics of Jewish Languages -- Varieties of Diaspora Languages -- Judeo-Spanish in the Turkish Social Context -- Two-Tiered Relexification in Yiddish: Jews, Sorbs, Khazars, and the Kiev-Polessian Dialect -- A Perspective on Judeo-Ibero-Romance, Yiddish, and Rotwelsch -- The Yiddish-German Irony -- Yiddish as a Diaspora Language and Its Future -- The Integration of Yiddish into English -- Diaspora Influences on Modern Hebrew ("Israeli") -- Music and Culture of the Diaspora Overview of Diaspora Jewish Music -- Liturgical Music of Sephardi Jews -- Liturgy and Music of Syrian Jews -- Humor and Satire in Judeo-Spanish Song -- Music and the Reconstruction of Iberian Crypto-Jewish Identity -- Contemporary Jewish Music in America -- Rescue and Virtual Preservation of Diaspora Cultural Heritage by the Center for Jewish Art -- Jewish Contributions to the Arts -- The Jewish Diaspora and the Role of Women -- Sephardi Women, Marriage, and Family: 16th-17th Centuries -- Jewish Women in Central Europe: 19th-20th Centuries -- Women, Family, and Identity in Imperial Germany (1871-1918) -- Jewish Women in Yemen -- Women and Egalitarianism in American Judaism -- Genetics, Medicine, and Genealogy Jewish Genetic Diseases -- Genetic Diseases and the Diaspora -- Evolution of Jewish Genealogic Studies -- Jews, Diaspora, and Medicine -- Freud, Judaism, and the Emergence of Psychoanalysis -- Jews under Muslim Rule -- History of the Religious Leadership of Oriental Jewry -- Insights into Sephardic Intellectual History -- Jewish Enlightenment and Its Impact on the Diaspora -- Beginnings of Hasidism in Eastern Europe -- Jewish Immigration to Pre-State and Modern Israel -- Diaspora Anti-Zionism -- Jewish Diaspora Engagement with Israel -- Education in Israel about the Diaspora -- A Chronology of Jewish Travelers and Explorers -- Migration Patterns of Iraqi Jews -- Westward Migration Routes of Sephardi Jews -- Population Transfer of the Jews of Thessaloniki -- Migration Routes of Rhodian Jews of the Ottoman Empire and the Mediterranean Basin -- Migration Routes of Egyptian Jews -- Why the Majority of the Jews of Iraq Emigrated to Israel in Operation Ezra and Nehemya, as Viewed by Jewish Memoirs -- Modern Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries -- Contemporary Migration Patterns of Russian Jews to Germany -- The Demography of Modern Diaspora Jewry -- Self-Revitalization of Diaspora Life -- Jewish Values and Diaspora Philanthropy -- Contemporary Responses to Intermarriage -- A Rabbi's Reflections on the Modern Rabbinate and the Jewish Community -- Insight into the Workings of a Diaspora Beth Din -- Contemporary Conversion Patterns into Orthodox Judaism -- Jewish Day School Education in French-Speaking Europe -- The International Network of Religious Zionist Kollels -- The Habad Movement, Its Organizations, and Its Influence in the Diaspora.
v. 2. Countries, Regions, and Communities : Part One -- Jews in Africa -- Migrations of Jews into West Africa -- Jews in Algeria -- Jews in Cape Verde -- Jewish Community of the Democratic Republic of Congo -- Jewish Community in Egypt -- Jews in Ethiopia -- Jews in Kenya -- Jews in Libya -- Jewish Community in Morocco -- The Sephardi Jewish Community in North Morocco -- Jewish Community of Namibia -- Jews in Nigeria -- Jews in South Africa -- Jewish Community in Sudan -- The Sudan Jewish Community According to the Community Register -- Jews in Tunisia -- Jews in Uganda -- Jews in Zambia -- Jews in Zimbabwe -- Jews in Australia -- Sephardi Jews in Australia -- Conversion to Judaism in the Sydney Jewish Community -- Jews in Fiji -- Jews in French Polynesia -- Jews in New Zealand -- Contributions of Jewish Individuals in New Zealand: 1840s to the Present -- North America Jews in North America -- Jews in Canada -- Judeo-Portuguese in the Anglo-American Colonies -- Sephardi and Middle Eastern Jews in the United States -- Jewish Women of the Early American West -- Great American Jewish Thinkers and Their Attitudes toward Diaspora -- The Jewish Diaspora in America: Social Integration, Political Liberalism, and Attachment to Homeland -- American Jews and Radicalism -- American Jewry's Response to the Holocaust -- History of the Habad Movement in the United States -- Modern Jewish Orthodoxy in America -- Denomination and Jewish Identity in America -- Syrian Jews in New York -- Jewish Women's Contributions to Contemporary American and Jewish Life -- Jewish Renewal in America -- Jewish Studies in American Universities -- American Christian Attitudes to the Jewish Diaspora -- American Zionist Activities and Organizations -- American Jews and the State of Israel -- The Portrayal of American Jews in Israeli Literature -- Latin America and the Caribbean Jews in the Caribbean and the Guianas -- Jews in Central America -- Jews in Mexico -- History of Jewish Migration to Mexico -- Contemporary Jewish Identity in Mexico -- Jews in Latin America -- Jewish Identity in Latin American Fiction -- Jewish Identity in Latin American Jewish Cinema -- Jewish Studies as a Subject of Latin American Studies -- Latin American Jewish Literature -- Jews in Argentina -- Jews in Brazil -- Brazil, Jews, and Transatlantic Trade -- Jews in Peru -- Concept of the Jew in Peruvian Literature -- Jews in Suriname -- Jews in Uruguay -- Jews in Venezuela -- Jews in the Middle East -- Israelites and Judeans in Assyria in Ancient Times -- Judeans in Babylonia in Ancient Times -- Jewish Leadership in the Babylonian Diaspora: Second-Sixth Centuries -- Jews in Iran -- Jews in Iraq and Zionism -- Jews in the Ottoman Empire -- The Sabbatean Movement in the Ottoman Empire -- History of Jews in Syria -- Jews in Yemen.
v. 3. Countries, Regions, and Communities : Part Two. -- Jews in Europe -- Jews in Austria -- Overrepresentation of Jews in Vienna's Gymnasien -- Jews in Belgium -- Holocaust Art in Belgium -- Jews in France -- Jewish Day School Education in French-Speaking Europe -- Jewish Identity in French Literature and Society in the 20th Century -- Jews in Germany -- Jews in Germany: 1848-1933 -- Jews in Gibraltar -- The Jews of Gibraltar and the Development of Medical Practices -- Jews in Greece -- History of the Jews of the Island of Rhodes -- Jewish Commerce in Salonica: 1881-1912 -- Jews in Italy -- Jews in Milan: 1535-1597 -- Portuguese Jews of the Diaspora: Italy and Beyond -- Jews in Luxembourg -- Jews in Malta -- Jews in the Netherlands -- Jews in Portugal -- Jews in Scotland -- Jews in Spain -- Jews and Jewish Communities in Medieval Spain -- Relations between Jews and Muslims in Medieval Spain -- Jews in Minorca: 18th Century -- Jews in Switzerland -- Jews in the United Kingdom -- History of Jewish Wealth in Britain -- The British Chief Rabbinate -- Influence of British Jewry on World Jewry -- Jews in Central Europe, Eastern Europe, and Russia -- Jews in Albania -- Jews in Belarus -- Jews in Bulgaria -- Jews in the Czech Republic -- Jews in Hungary -- Jews in the Republic of Macedonia -- Jews in Poland -- Jews in Romania and Moldova -- Jews in Russia -- The Unique Relationship between Habad Hasidism and Russia -- Jews in Slovakia -- Jews in Slovenia -- Jews in the Ukraine -- Jews in the Baltic States -- Jews and Anti-Semitism in the Baltic States -- Jews in Estonia -- Jews in Latvia -- Jews in Lithuania -- History of Lithuanian Jewish Culture -- Vilnius as a Jewish City -- Jews in Scandinavia -- Intermarriage in Scandinavia -- Jews in Denmark -- Jews in Finland -- Jews in Iceland -- Jews in Norway -- Jews in Sweden -- Jews in the Caucasus -- Jews in Khazaria -- Jews in Armenia -- Jews in Ancient Armenia: First Century BCE to Fifth Century CE -- Jews in Medieval Armenia -- Jews in Azerbaijan -- Jews in Georgia -- Jews in Central Asia -- Jews in Afghanistan -- Jews in Kazakhstan -- Jews in Kyrgyzstan -- Jews in Tajikistan -- Jews in Turkmenistan -- Jews in Uzbekistan -- Jews in China -- Jews of Kaifeng, China -- Survey of Historical Jewish Personalities in China -- Jews in Shanghai -- Jews in Major Chinese Cities; Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Macau, Jinan, Qingdao -- Jews in Harbin -- Jews in Hong Kong -- Jews in Taiwan -- Jews in Japan -- Jews in India -- Jewish-Indian Contacts over the Ages -- Bene-Israel and Baghdadi Jews in India: Early 20th Century -- The Benei Menashe of India -- Jewish Parsis Relations in India and Pakistan -- Jews in Indian Public Life -- Jews in Pakistan -- The Pathans of Pakistan and Afghanistan and Their Israelite Status -- Jews in Southeast Asia -- Jews in Indonesia -- Jews in Malaysia -- Jews in Myanmar -- Jews in the Philippines -- Jews in Singapore -- Jews in Thailand.
v. 1. Themes and phenomena of the Jewish diaspora -- v. 2. Countries, regions, and communities : part one -- v. 3. Countries, regions, and communities : part two.
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